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Rental Income Expenses Spreadsheet

Track Your Rental Property Expenses with this Easy to Use Spreadsheet.

Rental income expenses are always a chore to track, especially at tax time. Use this spreadsheet to track your rental income and expenses throughout the year and tax time will be a breeze for you. Rental income and expenses are broken down by month for easy entry and then summarized on a single page which provides the information you need to complete your IRS Schedule E. Categories match the categories provided in the IRS Schedule E form. Start using this template today and take control of your rental property expenses. If you like our rental property spreadsheet please support us by liking us on FaceBook.

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Rental Income and Expenses Template (MS Excel) Rental Income and Expenses Template (Adobe PDF)
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If you own rental property this spreadsheet is a must have. Rental property expenses are always difficult to organize and track. This spreadsheet changes that by making it easy for you to track all your rental income expenses throughout the year and presenting you with a single page summary, making tax time much easier. Expenses are categorized according to the categories the IRS provides in their Schedule E form.

The first tab on this Excel template contains the annual summary of all your rental income and expenses broken down by categories and by month. The subsequent tabs are organized by month and are where you enter and track your income and expenses. To make tracking mileage easier we have provided a mileage calculator to the right of the expense columns. Be sure to enter the IRS approved mileage rate at the top of the table. Then whenever you have mileage to expense enter the miles in the mileage table to calculate the dollar amount of the mileage and add that amount to the expense amount column. Give this template a try and you'll soon learn how easy it is to track your rental property expenses. Below are sample images of both the summary page and the monthly detail page. Click on the Excel link above to download this template.

Summary Page:
Rental Income and Expenses Spreadsheet


Monthly Detail Page:
Rental Income and Expenses Spreadsheet

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