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IT Business Plan

IT Business Plan

"IT" Seems Like Everyone in the IT Industry has Plenty of Reasons to Smile BIG These Days.

Information Technology is perhaps the greatest growth business you can get into. It is exciting and constantly changing. New technologies and new ways of thinking are shaping our world. Be a part of this growing market with your own IT business. Be sure to start small and grow into it. Many businesses in this field start out as subcontractors to larger successful companies, which enables them to focus on their services and products while limiting their marketing costs. This sample IT business plan is modeled after such a business.

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1.0 Executive Summary

Prime contractors who receive job orders from the federal government often hire other companies to help ensure the fulfillment of the contract. If the government contract is greater than $650,000, the federal government mandates the prime contractor to provide a plan for subcontracting a portion of the work to small businesses. Information Technology Solutions (‘ITS’), is an information technology subcontractor that specializes in database management and application development support. ITS strives to provide the high quality technological business solutions with a concentrated focus on the energy and defense sector. ITS, established in 2010, is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company currently has five full–time staff members with expansion plans to add five more within the next three years.

ITS was formed in 2010 by Sara Jayne when she was downsized from Cap Gemini. Ms. Jayne has grown the company five-fold with the addition of five new employees and anticipates need for five more within the next three years. With over 20 years experience Ms. Jayne has successfully subcontracted with 20+ local contracts and has a pipeline of 10 more.

ITS focuses its efforts in two service areas: database and application development and support. ITS strives to foster and maintain solid relationships with its clients, fine tune its services, and continue to develop innovative business solutions that will improve the way their clients do business. Due to its small size, ITS has the unique ability to act quickly and easily meets or beats its deadlines. Its main limitation is its limited staff resources. ITS plans to expand personnel over the next three years to meet achieve a balance of supply and demand.

The purpose of this plan is to create a strategy for ITS that will increase its revenues annually by 20%, and simultaneously grow assets 25%. Overall, this business plan will provide an in–depth understanding of the company, along with a plan for growth in the future.

1.1 Business Objectives

The primary objectives of ITS are:

  1. Provide custom solutions with outstanding customer service– which enhances its customer’s efficiency and secures ITS long relationship via contracts and recurring projects.
  2. Grow company in staffing to accommodate the growing need for services by offering a dynamic work environment with flexible hours, a commitment to ongoing education, and offer bonuses to commensurate with performance and earnings.
  3. Focus on delivering contracts. ITS is small enough to turn ‘on a dime’ compared to its larger peers burdened with ‘red tape’ requirements. ITS has a can do attitude and is happy to get the deliverables in the most efficient manner to its clients.

1.2 Mission Statement

It is ITS mission to empower prime government contractors to meet their objectives. ITS strives to foster and maintain positive relationships with each and every client (both internal and external), by providing cutting edge technology services at reasonable and competitive prices.

1.3 Guiding Principles

Be Dedicated. Every day, consistency is key. ITS is dedicated to each and every job – down to the very last detail. It is this tenacity, attention and focus to detail on each and every project that defines the success of this organization.

Be Dependable. ITS believes that a commitment to meet all its obligations punctually, honestly and honorably. ITS believes that if you are the "go to" business, you'll never have to worry about having to generate extra leads or word-of-mouth referrals.

Give and You Shall Receive. Give the thing you want most and you'll be amazed at what you get in return. ITS firmly believes in this philosophy and that its efforts can be multiplied for the greater good of the company, its customers and the community.

1.4 Keys to Success

ITS considers the following factors to be the primary contributors of business success:

  • Diversification of product lines and customer base
  • A recurring revenue base
  • Management with rounded skill set in business growth and marketing
  • Sound financial management

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