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IT Business Plan

"IT" Seems Like Everyone in the IT Industry has Plenty of Reasons to Smile BIG These Days.

Information Technology is perhaps the greatest growth business you can get into. It is exciting and constantly changing. New technologies and new ways of thinking are shaping our world. Be a part of this growing market with your own IT business. Be sure to start small and grow into it. Many businesses in this field start out as subcontractors to larger successful companies, which enables them to focus on their services and products while limiting their marketing costs. This sample IT business plan is modeled after such a business.

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3.0 Products

3.1 Products/Services Descriptions

ITS partners with its prime contractors and assures the production of quality deliverables from each subcontract assigned, assuring the development of long term business relationships. ITS provides the following services:

Analysis of the current technical environment,
Analysis of business requirements relevant to the application architecture,
Architecture definition,
Application software requirements analysis,
Application software testing,
System level integration and testing

3.2 Competitive Comparison

The zip code 28202 is home to 15 information technology companies in addition to ITS. Because ITS is not limited to its physical location and focuses its source of business on servicing government contracts, the majority of these local companies do not compete directly with ITS.

However, due to their proximity to ITS and their similar background they are mentioned here:

Vialogix Communications Inc
501 N College St
Established in 1996, and operated by Robert Norris. The company has 20 employees and annual revenues of $3.9 million. With a primarily focus in building websites. Vialogix does not directly compete with ITS. Vialogix primarily builds web sites, intranets, extranets, web-enabled applications, wireless applications and databases.

Data Recovery Charlotte
401 S Tryon St # 10
With 7 offices in the Charlotte region, 18 employees and annual revenues of $3.5 million, Data Recovery competes indirectly with ITS. They are primarily computer forensic analysis and recover data that has been corrupted or intentionally deleted. They can identify how a 'hacker' got past the security checks and if fortunate enough, identify the individual who caused the damages.


William Ives Consulting
320 S Tryon St Ste 213 The company has 18 employees and annual revenue of $2.7 million. The company has a primary focus on legal industry; however, they also provide automation with the way the clients chose to do business. They utilize groupware, document management and fax tools network platforms such as Microsoft Windows NT and Novell Netware.

Refresh Technologies
201 W Morehead St Ste 400
The company has 8 employees and annual revenues of $1.5 million. This is a newly established company similar to ITS. The key principal, Fae Schaefer, has 10 years experience, comparable to Ms. Jayne’s. Refresh Technologies focuses more on companies utilizing her contractors to free up their employee resource pool. Her company provides comparable services, by offering services remotely or within a hosted environment, data backup & recovery, business continuity, server and storage monitoring and management, managed security, email management, application and database monitoring and managed network services. The company also reportedly saves its customers an average of 40% when compared to its peers but this information could not be verified publicly.

3.3 Product/Service Sourcing

ITS’ key to success thus far has been the creation of clear, unambiguous subcontracts. Each subcontract has a legally binding, written contract that defines the following items:

  1. The legal names of the parties involved in the contract will be specified.
  2. The scope of the contracted work in terms of:
    1. The responsibilities and authorities of each party to the contract,
    2. A clear definition of the deliverables and minimum content to be provided by the subcontractor,
    3. A clear definition of the services to be provided by the subcontractor,
    4. Any and all constraints imposed on the subcontractor by the prime contractor, such as schedule constraints, budget constraints, specific tools to be used, and
    5. A clear statement of requirements for quality of deliverables and services including the requirement to allow independent quality inspections of materials and processes.
  3. Appropriate terms and conditions which will be imposed on both the prime contractor and the subcontractor will be identified.
  4. The acceptance process will be clearly identified.

3.4 Inventory Management

ITS is primarily a service based company which carries no inventory.


3.5 Warehousing and Fulfillment

Ms. Jayne is the Project Manager and delegates the specific tasks to be completed. Each subcontract, although tailored for each client generally follows these standard guidelines:

Define Scope
The first step in the preparation of the Project Plan is the creation of the narrative description of the project. The narrative establishes the customer's ultimate system objectives and provides frame of reference for reviewing the balance of the plan.

Define Deliverable
The next step in the process is the definition of the deliverables. The deliverables should be defined in as much detail as possible. A well defined deliverable ensures a common understanding of what is to be delivered and establishes realistic expectations. If one of the deliverables is an operational system, a complete functional specification should be included. This will explicitly define the system for both the users and for the designers. This is important since it is the basis for measuring the success of the system. It also forces the users to ensure that all of the requirements have been included. Simply put, if the Project Plan does not define it, it will not be in the end-product.

Define the Methodology
Determine how the deliverables will be acquired or produced. Refine the methodology, whether it be the customer's or ITS’, and make any modifications necessary due to specific project needs.

Establish Project Organization
The next step in the preparation of the Project Plan is the creation of a Project Organization Chart. A project will not be successful unless there is a clear understanding by all parties of who the deliverer and acceptor are. The completion and circulation of the Project Organization Chart will ensure that this takes place. The chart also identifies the other key project participants, the customer, and the project team members.

3.6 Products/Services

ITS’ current focus is twofold: database management and application development.

Database Management
In general, the government sectors require old broken outdated software systems to be upgraded and stagnant legacy systems to be streamlined and operating more efficiently. Operating efficiency has become vital as the government seeks to get its arms around the largest databases in the country. The U.S. government’s information systems are clogged with a variety of old and disparate sources. Legacy systems, databases, and data warehouses are ‘clogging’ the systems As these sources and data volumes multiply, over time, it becomes to critical to incorporate, regiment and apply rules of order to avoid further data ‘glut’.

By creating a comprehensive data model, ITS offers insight into organizational needs and provides the roadmap for successful integration. Ms. Jayne leads teams with specialists in business process and data analysis, system design and integration, and business intelligence to develop solutions that deliver results.

Application Development
Application development, the creation of programs that perform functions for software and hardware, are in great demand for government entities. ITS can create many applications for example, that run behind-the-scenes for tracking inventory, maintaining account balances and billing clients automatically.

Once, applications focused primarily on functionality. Today, the most complex applications focus on elements such as speed, compatibility, security, scalability and customer experience. ITS strives to create the fastest and the most user-friendly applications to meet these needs.

Future Plans
ITS has future plans to expand into government contracts, and expects to hire a full-time proposal writer. Additional plans include diversification into other popular government contracting sectors such as defense. Another goal is secure a recurring base, consulting, revenue to serve as a cushion against sales declines when the spending environment deteriorates. Long-term contracts provide revenue continuity: Contracts are often five to 10 years long, and are rarely broken.

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