Employee Termination Letter

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Dear [Recipient Name]:

We regret to inform you that your employment with [Company Name] is being ended, effective [date]. Your termination is the consequence of:

  • Explanation 1
  • Explanation 2
  • Explanation 3

[For Non-Exempt Employees]
Please return all company property immediately; failure to do so may result in delay of your final paycheck being issued.

[For Exempt Employees]
Severance payments shall be made in accordance with [Company Name] policies and you are required to return any company property immediately. [Company Name] shall not maintain insurance coverage or any other benefits for you beyond the date of termination.

[Non-Exempt and Exempt Employees]
Any vacation time owed will be paid out according to [Company Name] policies and can be expected with your final paycheck. Please contact the Human Resources Department with any questions or concerns you might have.


[Your Name]